Just Plain Wrong

Taxpayers helped pay for the stadium. Yet they aren't allowed to decide how and for how much to resell their tickets if they can't make the game?

NFL Football Fans: Sign This Petition!

Did you know that, since 1995, over $6 BILLION in taxpayers’ hard-earned money has been spent to build and renovate NFL stadiums?

Since these teams rely on taxpayers to finance their stadiums, tell them to stop blocking ticketholders’ rights!

Did you know that, despite these subsidies, taxpaying-fans continue to be exploited by the very teams they support?

It’s true. Fans are shelling out for construction of a new stadium, upkeep, and repairs, to keep their team happy and local. Yet when fans purchase a ticket to access this same stadium, what they do with their ticket may come with strings attached by the team.

Season ticket holders who want to sell a ticket to a game have been met with resale price minimums, added resale fees, and other restrictive red tape. Fans already pay the team full asking price for their tickets. The team should not be able to reach even further into the affairs of ticketholders, especially since taxpayers foot such a heavy portion of the stadium cost!  Together, fans can demand that these NFL teams end these unfair practices!

Fans should not be punished for their loyalty and support. Sign this petition and stand up for protecting the rights of ticketholders.



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